Directions & Manual


     Save or print these directions as there is no reception on this part of the coast. The nearest big town is about 60 miles away. 

     Be prepared before leaving Monterey from the north or Morro Bay from the south with plenty of gas, a light, warm clothes, groceries, wood, ice, etc.



     Arrive before dark. Dogs may bark but are friendly. You are welcome to explore and find hosts to check in with and get any assistance you may need, but they are not always available and may be in bed after dark.



     Off of Hwy 1 turn onto Mill Creek (Ranch) Road directly on the south side of Mill Creek Bridge. Stay left up dirt driveway and park in designated spaces to the left perpendicular to the driveway.

   -   From the north,  It is 5 miles south of Lucia. 3/4 miles south of kirks creek campground

   -   From the south,  It is 5 miles north of Sand dollar beach, 3 miles north of Pacific Valley


    Camping, Cabana and Redwood Room Gazebo - the first main Campsite is up the trail to the right of the recycling station at the picnic table, just past that to the right is a trail to the Cabana, and to the left is the trail that brings you to the top of the hill and to the Redwood Room Gazebo. 

Toilets (composting 'poopers')- are located up the hill between the trail to the campsite and the upper driveway, also behind the Cabana and one near the Redwood Room.  Cover your poop with sawdust. Do not leave pee paper on ground.