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Visit DABUDAGE Headquarters in Big Sur, CA



     The winter storms of 22'- 23' have done major damage to much of the coast. The roads are closed in multiple locations and the land is inaccessible to the public. Projected opening is mid to late summer.


     In late January during the winter of 20’-21’ a massive rainstorm collided with the canyon, creating a flash flood of epic proportions. Due to a fire in the mountains the previous fall - it brought down gigantic redwood trees and boulders smashing through our main living quarters and out to sea. Many things were lost, some were spared and many things were gained. The land is currently in a state of reconstruction.


     A minimalistic homestead practicing simple, eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly living techniques. Using mostly all natural and organic materials to build and maintain a home in the forest with family, friends and animals. A place to help people, help themselves.


     Away from the grid with no wi-fi, cell service or electricity. Propane is used for heating and cooling, wood for fires and point-of-use solar lighting. All contributions are put back into the land and help to facilitate the nurturing and sharing of this sacred space.


      A spring fed creek runs through and out to the beach. Clean water is available for drinking.


     There are many wild edible and medicinal plants as well as a veggie garden, fruit trees and chickens and ducks. A small communal guest kitchen is available with a two-burner stove and sink.


     No personal fires. There are communal fire-pits near the creek.


     Structures on the land are rustic, generally lightweight and built to blend in with the natural character of the land. There is an outdoor shower/bath and composting barrel poopers.



     A great place for children with an accompanying adult to explore and learn about nature. A young boy lives here.


     Dogs are welcome off-leash, unless they attack chickens/ducks, cats or other dogs. Please bury dog poop. 


     This is a remote area with beautiful beaches, creeks and hiking trails throughout. Some areas can be very dangerous with steep cliffs and loose rocks. Be aware that things like spiders, snakes, raccoons, mice, poison oak, etc.. exist in natural areas like this.


     This is a busy curvy 2 lane mountain Highway. If a car wants to pass, pull over. Please carpool as parking can become tight.


     No stereos or electronic music devices. Acoustic instruments are encouraged.


     Alcohol is discouraged. It is not intended as a place to party or get drunk. A casual drink is okay.


      Please do not bring excessive waste into the forest and pack out what you bring in. There is limited trash service, recyclables can be separated.


     In order to be accepted please write “My party and I have read and understand the description” and then tell a little bit about yourself/party in your booking request.

     Because there is no wi-fi on the land - the internet may not be checked daily. Responses will come from Gene, Elle and sometimes Maggie - who does not live on site.

It is advisable to check the weather before booking, especially in the winter - as there may be unsafe road conditions.

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The Redwood Room Gazebo

 At the top of a short steep hike is a queen size bed overlooking the ocean. In an outdoor open structure built out of salvaged redwood, with an earth floor, a clear roof and cotton canvas curtains for doors. This listing does NOT provide bedding - you MUST CARRY your own pillows, blankets and sheets or sleeping bags up the hill. Arrive before dark to find your site. 90 -  per night


The Cabana

  Tucked away up a short trail in the trees is a queen size bed in a simple outdoor open air structure. Built out of salvaged redwood, with screens, a clear roof, and cotton canvas curtains for doors. This listing does NOT provide bedding - you MUST BRING your own pillows, blankets and sheets or sleeping bags up the trail. Arrive before dark to find your site.

90 - per night



 Find a place to set up your own tent, pads and bedding near the creek or on the hill. Most sites require walking away from your vehicle. There are some flat spots to sleep in a vehicle. Arrive before dark to find your site. 60 - per vehicle - per night

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Listings can also be found hipcamp

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