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Big Sur Campground
Camping Big Sur

A Place to Stay in Big Sur

Big Sur Bed airbnb
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Big Sur camp farmstay
Big Sur Tent Camping


 Find a place to set up your own tent, pads and bedding near the creek or on the hill. Most sites require walking away from your vehicle. There are some flat spots to sleep in a vehicle. Arrive before dark to find your site.

1 Person = 30, 2 People = 45, 3 people = 55, 4 people = 60, Extra vehicle + 30, Kids free.

Big Sur Cabin Hotel Room

The Cabana

  Tucked away up a short trail in the trees is a queen size bed in a simple outdoor open air structure. Built out of salvaged redwood, with screens, a clear roof, and cotton canvas curtains for doors. This listing does NOT provide bedding - you MUST BRING your own pillows, blankets and sheets or sleeping bags up the trail. Arrive before dark to find your site.

75 - per night

Big Sur Bed in the Redwood trees

The Redwood Room Gazebo

 At the top of a short steep hike is a queen size bed overlooking the ocean. In an outdoor open structure built out of salvaged redwood, with an earth floor, a clear roof and cotton canvas curtains for doors. This listing does NOT provide bedding - you MUST CARRY your own pillows, blankets and sheets or sleeping bags up the hill. Arrive before dark to find your site. 75 -  per night

Return Visitors can Donate More or Less



   * CHECK AVAILABILITY - With calendar below. There are 3 campsites that can be reserved as well as the Redwood Room Gazebo and the Cabana, - 5 spaces total.

  * READ ENTIRE WRITTEN DESCRIPTION - Then format the request as specified - and send by Email.

  * DONATE - After receiving confirmation donate correct amount and your site will be reserved.




     CURRENTLY - Because of major road repair -


in San luis Obispo County.

Highway 1 is completely impassable to the north in between Limekiln and Lucia.

The only way to exit is also to return south. 

-ONLY booking within 2 weeks or less - NOT accepting reservations more than 14 days out. Arrive Before Dark to find your site.


         A homestead at the bottom of a canyon where the creek meets the ocean. It is off-the-grid with no Wi-Fi, cell service or electricity. 


         A great place for families and children to experience nature. A Young child and baby live here, as well as three dogs, a cat and chickens/ducks.


         Dogs are welcome off-leash, unless they attack chickens/ducks, cats or other dogs. Please bury/cover dog poop.  


         This is a remote area with beautiful beaches, creeks and hiking trails throughout. Some areas can be very dangerous with steep cliffs and loose rocks. Be aware that things like spiders, snakes, raccoons, mice, poison oak, etc.. exist in natural areas like this. 


         Structures on the land are very rustic,  A small communal guest kitchen is available with a two-burner stove and sink. Fresh water is available for drinking. There is a shower/bath and composting barrel poopers. 


         In the Fall of 2020 a huge fire burned the entire canyon followed a few months later by a massive flood that brought down gigantic redwood trees and boulders smashing through everything in their path including the main living quarters and farm animals. The rains of 23’ also had a significant impact. The land is in the process of restoration and many areas are being worked on. Some pictures may be pre-flood.


         Alcohol is discouraged. It is not intended as a place to party or get drunk. A casual drink is okay. No stereos or electronic music devices. Acoustic instruments are fine.


Fires can be made in designated pits near the creek only. 

Separate glass, metal, cardboard, plastic and food-waste from garbage when using trash cans or Pack-it-Out. Please do not bring excessive waste into the forest.


         TO BE ACCEPTED - please write “My party and I have read and understand the description” at the body of your booking request followed by a bit about yourself/party and where you’re coming from. In the subject line of the email put the requested dates and site you want - Cabana - RWR (redwood room) - or camping


         Because there is no Wi-Fi on the land - the internet may only be checked once daily - unless we are in town. Responses will come from Gene or Elle. Check the weather before booking, especially in the winter - as there may be unsafe road conditions. -

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Big Sur Camp Accomodations
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